Updating sky hd box

If you've seen the Sky Q advert, then you'll be aware of ‘Fluid Viewing’. Essentially, it’s being able to watch whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Sky Q frees up Sky’s content offering, doing away with the idea that it’s all about the Sky TV box.

Premier League football and Formula 1 (cricket will arrive in July 2017), plus 4K films, TV shows and documentaries.

Ultra HD programming is available live and also on-demand and to rent via the Sky Store.

Interestingly this changes according to the time of day, second-guessing what you might want to watch at a given time.

Content types, such as Sports, Kids and Music, are broken down into sections, and combine Sky programmes with app content, such as You Tube.

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And it's all accessible across a range of devices, wherever you want to access it.That means both in the home, thanks to the Sky Q boxes (and a Sky Q Hub broadband router), and out and about, connecting to tablets and phones using the Sky Q app.Not only does this give you access to live and on-demand Sky content across all your devices, it also means you can watch programmes recorded on your Sky box in other rooms and, for the first time, on the move.In fact, the Sky Q box is now the standard Sky box, signalling the end of the road for the Sky HD box (at least for new customers).Sky stated in January 2017 that Sky Q is in around 600,000 homes in the UK, while also revealing there will be a new box in 2018 that will allow access to Sky Q TV over broadband and without the need for a satellite dish - a first for Sky.

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