Twitter avatars not updating

It was for chatting with people, for sports, for whatever.

It's very clear now."After the rebranding, the product and design teams thought the time was right for a makeover.

Neither did an early attempt at remaking the retweet icon.

Twitter nearly shipped a rounder version of the button.

The home icon is still a birdhouse, but it lost the perch—you'll see just one hole instead of two. And the reply button gave way to a speech bubble that Twitter hopes is clearer in its purpose.

So when a major update landed two weeks ago, one thing stood out: The quill icon, which everyone knows you press to compose a tweet, was no longer an icon, but a single word: Tweet. A subsequent update brought a new tweet button, and another after that.What makes Twitter is @realdonaldtrump, @dog_rates, and each of the other 328 million or so monthly users who log on each day to answer the platform's perennial question: What's Happening? These sorts of brand exercises mean little to regular people, but in talking to Twitter execs, the changes clearly made an impact internally."Nobody knew what Twitter was for," says Keith Coleman, the vp of product."Or, rather, they knew it was for a thousand things.It's Twitter's biggest redesign in years. Every solid gray icon is now a lighter outline drawing.Headers now appear in bold, to help you navigate more easily. Retweet and Like counters update in real time, letting you watch tweets go viral.

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