Dating postcards postage

At year end, we receive more than 1000 brm responses over the course of three weeks.Instead of receiving parsed out, manageable deliverables, we will get this in lots that clog our processes.I was mailing a Business Reply Mail envelope at my local post office.I told the clerk I wanted to send it with Certificate of Mailing.In some cases, carriers collect the postage when they deliver the pieces to the business.Generally, BRM pieces are identified through automation process; however, the Postal Service relies on clerks and carriers to identify and hold out any BRM pieces that have not been isolated through automation.By opening an account with the local Post Office, a business may supply their customers with return envelopes or labels.

We have had a BRM for many years and recently started using a new printer.The business pays the postage and a per piece fee only for the pieces returned.To ensure the postage is collected, clerks at the delivery Post Office calculate the amount due and withdraw the money from a customer account.On the bright side, since there aren't any deliverables to process, I have time to type this. FWIW..Burlingame, CA Post Office appears to be way more efficient than the E Palo Alto Post Office The company I work for recently set up a QBRM account with our White River Junction Post Office only to find out they couldn't promise to deliver BRM as first class mail, yet, we pay that price plus.It has been a struggle to try and save money by using this service as the BRM are apparently NOT a priority to be sorted with first class mail.

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