Are you dating a married man

He will leave and never look back that's the reason he left in the first place because of the things she wasnt doing he will tell you what he wants.

If you know how to satisfy him in bed all the time.

I hope you find men/women who love you for your flaws and someone who will find you #nice# despite the wrinkles on your buttcheeks and saggy #C h e s t#s, and he/she wouldnt give a damn if anybody stripped # not dressed # before their eyes.

She may be doing the same thing to far as he will do it to you too that is a bunch of bullmanure people just say cause not every relationship is the same.If you are one of many women who desire for their married man to leave his wife. you do all those things and she will be putty in your hands. Men want love and to be showed they are appreciated.Take this quiz to see if he will actually leave his wife for you. Its bull crap that people say he will never leave his wife.Plus his problems of alimony and child support will put financial burden on your marriage too..........Also he has been cheating on his wife, so his friends and family may look down upon him...... If he was divorced then the story would have been different.........

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